Manufacturers of Vibrating Tables and Moulds to Make up to 50 Separate Building Products.

Parry Building Products is a U.K based company whose primary focus is to manufacture and market technologies which are appropriate, in terms of cost, complexity and economic return, to the developing countries for which they are intended.

The company supplies manual machines for construction of single and multistory structures utilizing unskilled labour, cost saving production methods, and affordable mobile machinery which does not require electricity or fuel to operate.

Reasons for choosing Parry Machinery.

  • We strive for excellence in customer service providing  1-1 support and guidance.
  • Our Machines are green, friendly, reliable and robust. The machinery has been established in 6 continents around the world for the last 40 years giving you reassurance you are buying quality at a fair price.
  • We are not just machine builders, we  can provide training, consultancy and even designs to match your requirements, “if we cant help we will try our best to find someone who will”.
  • Applying the methods of efficient business practices but at the same time following a clearly signposted ethical path.

Parry Building Products purpose in worthwhile achievement:

  • Sustainable, productive livelihoods

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