Roof moulds Roman II and Pantile

Lightweight concrete tiles provide a high quality, low cost roof. The roof is much cooler to live under than steel sheets and is far quieter during thunderstorms. Water collected from the roof will also be clean enough for drinking. A concrete tiled roof is also very durable as the tiles are unaffected by corrosion.

PANTILE—235mm x 495mm
A traditional shape made to cope with uneven roof structures and in use throughout the world. The curved profile and large overlap ensures that roofs are leak proof without the need for underfelt or plastic sheeting.

Price per mould: £5.95
Timber Stacking rails: £5.00

ROMAN II—245mm x 495mm
Specially designed for tropical climates, the Roman ll is a smart tile with a more precise fit giving a top quality appearance to the completed roof.

Price per mould £5.95
Timber Stacking rails £5.00

Plant packages available.
Starter plant with 100 moulds: from £2,500.00 (includes vibrating table and accessories)




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